12 Tips for Choosing a GoPro Before Doing Outdoor Activities

For people who like to do outdoor activities, now there is no need to struggle anymore to document their actions from the first-person viewpoint of view. There are many action cameras or GoPro cameras that come in various brands.
GoPro prices are quite varied according to the features offered.
For example, several GoPro brands highlight 4K image quality; some offer wide-angle and shock buffer features. To document outdoor activities more optimally, the selection of GoPro as an option also cannot be made by action cameras.

Here are 12 Ways to Choose a GoPro that you can pay attention to before outdoor activities.

1. Choose a GoPro that has a high frame rate.

If you are doing an extreme sport and need fast movement, the best documentation is to focus on the frame rate and the number of frames recorded per second. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the resulting image will be.

2. Choose a GoPro that has an image stabilizer.

Choose a GoPro with an optical stabilizer over an electronic stabilizer if you prioritize image quality. But if you want a more compact GoPro, choose one with an electronic stabilizer.

3. Choose the image quality according to your needs.

The better the quality of the resulting image, the higher the price. For that, adjust the needs. Usually, full HD quality is enough to get a good video, but if you want to get a video with the best resolution, choose one that has a 4K resolution.

4. Choose the appropriate point of view.

Usually, action cameras have a viewing angle of 130-150 degrees, although now there are up to 200 degrees. If you are one of those who are concerned with stability from shaking and want to get a smooth image, choose a camera with a narrow-angle of view. Vice versa, if you're going to take a wide angle of view to make it feel more natural, choose a camera with a wide angle.

5. Make sure the GoPro is waterproof and dustproof.

Tips for Choosing a GoPro

If you want to do more water activities, make sure your GoPro has a waterproof feature. Use a GoPro with water resistance up to 20-60 meters if used for diving. Meanwhile, if you like to do trail runs or motocross, choose a GoPro with a dustproof feature so that the camera function is not disturbed while on the move.

6. Choose a size and weight that is balanced.

GoPro is designed to fit on helmets, clothes, etc., so its compact size and lightweight is the best choice.

7. Take battery life

Battery life is vital so that the camera does not turn off from running out of power. Also, make sure you provide a spare battery so that at any time if the power runs out, the GoPro can still work correctly.

8. Choose one that has object illumination below 5 lux.

If you often take pictures at night, choose one with an illumination lower than 5 lux. GoPros typically have object illumination of 6 lux.

9. Choose a GoPro with multiple mounts.

GoPro cameras are used in various places and situations, so a "mount" is usually used to make sure the GoPro doesn't fall. There are multiple types of "mounts" produced by the original manufacturer or third parties to make it easier to use the GoPro.

10. Choose one that has a built-in screen.

Make sure to choose a camera that has a built-in display or screen so you can take pictures while adjusting the composition.

11. Choose one equipped with Wifi.

The existence of Wifi will make it easier to transfer videos or photos, so you will have no trouble moving files from your outdoor activities.

12. Choose the one that fits your budget.

Tips for Choosing a GoPro

Like buying a smartphone, you must also know that the higher the GoPro series, the higher the price. Another word is "there is quality, there is a price." Currently, an excellent GoPro camera series is the Hero 6 Black. If the budget is sufficient, there is nothing wrong if you buy a GoPro that is more expensive and comparable in quality.

However, if your funds are limited, there's nothing wrong with buying the first GoPro Hero series; the price is enough for those who like outdoor activities.
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