Characteristics of a person experiencing sex addiction in society that can be known

Characteristics of Someone Experiencing Sex Addiction in Society– In fact, sex can be a way to get rid of stress. Passion for sex that flows during sex can indeed trigger the hormone of happiness, finally relieving stress instantly. But be careful; if you continue to experience sex addiction. Indeed, what signs of sex addiction are often not realized?

The following is a review of the characteristics of a person experiencing sex addiction in society:

What are the signs of sex addiction?

Sex addiction is also known as hypersexual disorder. Sex addiction is a disorder that makes a person think or perform sexual acts ongoing, increases, and harms daily life.

Here are various signs of sex addiction that you need to be aware of.

Often masturbate

Characteristics of a person experiencing sex addiction

Masturbation can indeed be a place to explore yourself and reach the peak of pleasure. The benefits of masturbation for health are no longer in doubt.

But be careful; masturbation that is done too often and excessively can be a sign of sex addiction, especially if you are willing to put aside other activities just to have fun masturbating.

Excessive anxiety if you don't have sex in a day

Characteristics of a person experiencing sex addiction

A psychotherapist revealed to Medical Daily that sex addicts would be easily anxious and hopeless when their sexual desire is not channeled, even if only for a day.

No matter how much it costs, sex addicts will be willing to spend a lot of money to satisfy their sexual desires. One example, he will be willing to buy a lot of quotas to download pornographic videos on the internet. He is also willing to pay a high price for sex workers to flow his lovemaking passion.

Likes to explore sex

Characteristics of a person experiencing sex addiction

Not satisfied with just masturbating, another sign of sex addiction is that someone will be willing to find other ways to satisfy their sexual desires.

There are many signs of sex addiction that can be easily noticed. Starting from frequently having sex over the phone or chatting, online sex on a computer (cybersex), or proudly showing their genitals in front of many people (exhibitionism).

Involved in a sex crime case

Characteristics of a person experiencing sex addiction

As previously explained, people addicted to sex will continue to look for new, more challenging ways to channel their sexual desire. This does not rule out the possibility that they will be willing to do extreme things, even though they have reached the realm of crime.

In extreme cases, sex addicts are vulnerable to engaging in sex-related criminal activities. For example, raping, having sex with minors, to incestuous sex (with people who are blood relatives).


To keep these things away, you may be able to break the negative addiction by getting married or having a legal partner. In addition to reducing the negative activities that I have detailed above, it can also keep you away from HIV or AIDS. Hope you avoid all that, yes.

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