20 Main Benefits of Blogging - Not Just All Because of Money

Starting a blog has been one of the most brilliant things I've ever done. However, when I started, I had no idea that it would be worth anything – let alone a place that has helped me with many of my career goals.
Then it's now, to some extent – ​​its inherent value only as an "idea" or a representation of who I am. That "idea" is something no one else can take away from me, and a personal expression of myself is something I genuinely consider a long-term investment.

I don't make money from my blog, and I don't intend to do so now. However, I find it invaluable, and many of the positives that have happened due to my blogging are things that cannot be measured immediately or with money.


- In one instance, a business entity (who will not be named) tried to get me to close my blog because they found it threatening and destructive. I categorically refuse to close it and would instead be fired or quit.

- In another case, I have had prospective employers express concern over my blog because they were worried it would diminish my dedication to them. I will turn down job offers to keep my blog up and to run. Luckily that never happened, and lucky for me that my current employer has a very progressive mindset about blogging.

Does Blogging Have Benefits?

Without further ado, here are the 20 main benefits of blogging, in my opinion:

  1. It allows you to connect with others who may not be related to you.
  2. Helping you build a trusted following.
  3. Helping you grow your following (ex: RSS, Email Subscriptions, and especially word of mouth).
  4. It allows you to create a brand around your personality.
  5. Over time, it can become your portfolio.
  6. Over time, your subscribers will start reading and sharing most of what you write.
  7. It gives you a chance to show off your personality and what sets you apart from others.
  8. Help build brand trust around you or your company.
  9. Help build or strengthen your expertise in your industry.
  10. Build and manage your reputation in your industry.
  11. It allows you to help or teach others.
  12. Build long-term SEO equity in search engines.
  13. It allows you to promote other people's content (links, guest posts, positive mentions, etc.).
  14. Interact with your readers through blog comments.
  15. It can help you build and strengthen online (and potentially offline) relationships with your followers.
  16. It allows you to target keywords that you wouldn't usually be able to target with your website.
  17. Allows your "expertise" to live forever in search engines.
  18. Build SEO equity through re-entry links to your root domain.
  19. It gives you a chance to scratch the creative itch (to me, it's my web design itch).
  20. Allows you to take advantage of cross-promotional opportunities (ex: social media, promotional posts, etc.).
I'm sure there are more, but this is my list. Feel free to add them below in the comments section.

The way I see it, my blog has helped me build respect among my colleagues (which I'm very grateful for) and many new friendships. Those are priceless things, but in the long run, the connections you will develop, the respect you may earn, and the blogging experience that will help you build will lead to better jobs, good contracts, or anything else involving money.

Benefits of Blogging-the money can come later
Benefits of Blogging-the money can come later

The key is to get in there and be honest; that's what matters – the money can come later. So start blogging today. I highly recommend it!
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